August 1, 2020

RISE for a Brighter Future!


As we prepare for another school year and look forward to the opening of THE EXCHANGEREE at THE AVENUE at White Marsh, we would like to share the following message:


Dear Team BCPS Education Champions and Ambassadors:


Summer is here, it is truly hot and humid and it’s time to answer the call, assisting our students and educators during the changing landscape of education! We celebrated America’s Birthday on July 4, 2020 in a unique fashion, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. Now, with the announcement being made as to how schools will be reopening in September, we are prepared to once again assist our students and teachers. With support from community partners like you, the foundation is ready to respond. Soon summer will be behind us and the 25th largest school district in Maryland will be welcoming the 115,000+ Baltimore County Public School students and nearly 10,000 teachers back to our 175 schools, programs, and centers virtually.


With the delivery of instruction taking place within homes across the county, BCPS has been working diligently to ensure that virtual instruction in the fall will be rigorous and engaging. There will be challenging lessons, a network of social-emotion supports, and access to relevant resources. We are certain that our teachers and students will need basic school supplies and resources to assist with their remote learning, their social emotional well-being, and to impact literacy.


With your generous contribution, The Education Foundation of BCPS is prepared to furnish and replenish those supplies and resources by asking for the support of our entire community to participate in RISE for a Brighter Future (Relief in Securing Education) Tools for School: Remote Learning Toolkits and a basic school supply drive. We invite you to host a school supply drive, make a monetary donation, or volunteer your time and service at one of the two foundation’s collaborative educators resource centers, The Exchangeree, as we stock the shelves, bundle books, and prepare toolkits for distribution.


The RISE for a Brighter Future (Relief in Securing Education) campaign sustains equitable access to critical education resources and support for the delivery of online learning by BCPS teachers and for BCPS students’ growth, as aligned with the needs of the district and as directed by the Superintendent during these challenging times and beyond. RISE for a Brighter Future (Relief in Securing Education) is a reminder to our entire community that everyone; from retirees to elected officials, to our business partners and to non-profit organizations . . . everyone has a stake in ensuring a successful start to the new school year for our students and teachers, benefiting them directly.


Your support of students, teachers, and classrooms in Baltimore County is valued and valuable. If you wish to participate, you will find all the tools and resources you need on line at our Website Hover over Programs and below it you will find The Exchangeree web page where community participation for Tools for Schools Support can be found.


We thank you for supporting students in need during the school year. Let’s help our teachers provide the tools needed for student success.


RISE for a Brighter Future (Relief in Securing Education)


Deborah S. Phelps                                                               Laura E. Lemon

Executive Director                                                                Associate Director